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LaTeX: List of Notations using nomencl.sty

Posted in LaTeX by ytyoun on April 18, 2010

How To Compile

The document is test.tex and I compiled it as follows.

xelatex test
makeindex test
makeindex test.nlo -s -o test.nls
xelatex test

LaTeX Source Code


\usepackage[papersize={120mm, 160mm}, text={95mm, 130mm}]{geometry}

% fancy fonts

% for fancy section font and color

% fancy math

% mathematical shorthand


% math operators

% index generation

% 'list of notations' generation
\usepackage[refpage]{nomencl}  % refer to the page where notation appears
\renewcommand{\nomname}{List of Notations}

\paragraph{Matrix Norm}\index{Matrix Norm}
The squared \index{Matrix Norm!Frebenius norm}Frobenius norm of a matrix
$\Abf_{m\times n}$ is defined as
\nomenclature{$\norm{\Abf}_F$}{Frobenius norm of $\Abf$}
  \norm{\Abf}_F^2 = \sum_{i=1}^m\sum_{j=1}^na_{ij}^2 =

The 2-norm\index{Matrix Norm!2-norm} of a matrix $\Abf_{m\times n}$ is
defined as\nomenclature{$\norm{\Abf}_2$}{2-norm of $\Abf$}
\norm{\Abf}_2 = \max_{\norm{\xbf}_2=1}\norm{\Abf\xbf}_2\quad
\text{for $\xbf\in\Rbb^{n\times 1}$}

For a subspace $\Vcal\subseteq \Rbb^n$ and a vector $\ubf\in\Rbb^n$,
let $\proj{\Vcal}{\ubf}$
\nomenclature{$\proj{\Vcal}{\ubf}$}{Projection of $\ubf$ onto subspace $\Vcal$}
be the projection of $\ubf$ onto $\Vcal$.
If $\{\vbf_1,...,\vbf_k\}$ is a basis for $\Vcal$, then
  \proj{\Vcal}{\ubf} = \sum_{i=1}^k \bkt{\vbf_i,\ubf}\vbf_i



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